WHY does the former Labour MP for Clacton, Ivan Henderson, want an inquiry into the impact of Brexit on this area?

Has he forgotten already that a majority of the residents voted to leave the EU? This is because they are sick and tired of being ruled by foreigners.

It would be more important and useful if he and all other political parties joined together and put pressure on Essex County Council to repair our roads and pavements.

After all it is they who are contracted to do the repairs.

All that is happening is continued disagreements by all parties pulling in opposite directions and Essex County Council making the same excuses why our pavements and roads remain unrepaired.

One excuse which is their favourite; if it doesn’t fit the criteria it won’t be repaired.

The criteria being if the pothole on the road is not deep or long enough and for pavements it is if the trip hazard isn’t low or high enough.

Every pothole or trip hazard is dangerous.

Meanwhile, Essex County Council has increased our council tax. What is it spending it on because it isn’t Clacton and the surrounding area.

Tendring Council takes the blame for the tax increase which is unfair.

Mr Henderson tries to justify his position as leader of the Labour councillors in this area but does nothing to improve the residents’ environment.

Nothing much has changed since he was MP for Clacton.

D McGuire

Rosemary Road, Clacton