A HOUSING boss says he will continue to fight against the spread of Clacton’s bedsit-land after developers resubmitted plans to convert a former guesthouse.

Nash and Sharpe want to create 11 new bedsits at the former Marine View Guest House, in Edith Road.

Previous plans were rejected earlier this year by Tendring Council, which said there was insufficient living space and no provision for waste storage or recycling.

But the developer said it has resubmitted plans while it awaits an appeal.

The council previously issued an enforcement notice in May 2016 over the unauthorised change of use at the guest house, which was upheld by a government inspector on appeal last year.

But the inspector decided that four bedsit flats were immune from the action taken by the council.

Housing boss and Pier ward councillor Paul Honeywood said: “It is very disappointing that the applicant has chosen to resubmit plans for a bedsit and that it wants to go to appeal.

“The council made the right decision to turn down these plans because when you have a high concentration of bedsits, it doesn’t help the town to prosper.

“It doesn’t help the town in terms of tourism and I don’t think it helps those who live there.

“I have met with many local residents who share my concerns about houses in multiple occupation in our town.”

Nash and Sharpe’s agent Robin Bryer says the new application is “essentially the same” but that the opportunity has been taken to show how “the appearance of the building could be improved by the removal of the fire escape and its replacement with a second staircase.”

He said the self-contained bedsits would have provided the chance of independent living for leaseholders, who would have been “better behaved” than more transient council-funded occupiers if it remains as a bed and breakfast.

Tendring Council previously launched a clampdown on the spread of bedsits in the town centre in a bid to reduce anti-social problems.

It was given powers in 2011 allowing it to issue a direction that meant all home owners must seek planning permission if they want to change their property to multiple occupancy house.

A decision of the new application is expected to be made by July 4.