CLACTON Labour party's new chairman says she wants to see more young people joining them.

Wendy Brown was elected as chair along with a new executive committee at the branch's annual general meeting last week.

She said: “This year is going to see the introduction of Universal Credit which will have an adverse impact on Tendring residents.

"People are concerned about the way the NHS is being privatised and long waits to get a GP appointment.

"When we talk to local people they tell us they want to see improvements in the awful conditions of our roads, policing, care of our elderly people and better housing."

Labour has almost 400 members in Clacton.

Ms Brown said she wanted to see more young people to get involved.

Meanwhile, members of the Unite union's community branch have been campaigning in Walton over Universal Credit which is being rolled out in north Essex over the coming months.

Spokesman Steven Walker said: "We spoke to many people in Walton on Thursday who were feeling very anxious about the new Universal Credit system.

"These were disadvantaged folk on minimum wage jobs, disabled or with serious medical conditions,

who will have less money to manage or increased rent to pay at a time when prices are rising with inflation."