AN actor from Clacton has appeared in his first short film exploring mental health issues and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Simon Hipkin, 27, is travelling around Australia for a year and spent two days starring in the short film called Holding The Rain.

The two-and-a-half minute silent drama depicts Simon running past Australian skylines before elements of OCD-like behaviour are depicted.

The former Clacton County High School pupil has always loved the performing arts and has a creative performance degree from Essex University.

He said: “I met the writer and director Stewart Hannah in Sydney as part of a group touring the east coast of Australia.

“We spoke briefly about doing a short film together, but it only came to light once we settled in Brisbane.“Stewart came up with the idea and was very keen to have me involved.

“The mental health aspect was extremely important for both of us and for me personally.

“There was a huge level of responsibility to portray the subject matters tastefully.

“I was up for the challenge and in turn wanted to contribute to raising awareness.”

Simon saysthe response they have had from both OCD and mental health sufferers has been “overwhelming”.

Simon and director Stewart are now hoping to win awards with their finished product.

“We are very excited to be submitting Holding The Rain to several international short film festivals this year which is fantastic and this will bring the subject matter to a much wider audience,” added Simon.

Stewart, said: “We have received over 1,200 views so far and are due to submit to several international film festivals.

“Most importantly we have received a wonderful response from the mental health community."

To see the film go to and search for ‘Holding The Rain’.