A BIG-HEARTED bunch of bikers are roaring off another run to give chocolate eggs to poorly children in hospital this Easter.

The bikers, who meet at the Full Throttle Cafe on St Osyth Road, in Clacton, have carried out a number of charitable events over the years.

This spring they are hoping to take hundreds of chocolate Easter eggs to youngsters at Colchester General Hospital on April 1.

Spokesman John Rowe, 47, said they delivered 350 eggs when they did the Easter egg run last year.

“We just like to do something for the community,” he said.

“We will help anybody. If there’s a good cause then we’re willing to help and we’ll do everything we can.

“Bikers have got this rough exterior, but we’re soft in the middle.

“We’re part of an old-school community which includes fathers and dads.

“A lot of us have bald heads and tattoos, but we’re just normal people who want to help.

“They love us up there at the hospital – they think we’re amazing.”

As well as delivering a sweet treat to the youngsters, the group are raising cash for Tyler Bassham, from Harwich.

The 10-year-old suffers from global development delay and is unable to walk and talk, as well as having epilepsy.

Bikers are asked to donate £3 to take part in the ride which will go towards a £600 state-of-the-art walker to help Tyler.

Dad Lee, 41, said: “All of the bikers are fabulous.

“I do a lot with the bikers and I can’t believe they’re willing to help us.

“Tyler isn’t walking or talking at the moment but he’s starting to make noises.”

Anyone who wants top help the group on their quest to cheer up youngsters over the Easter period you can drop off chocolate eggs at the Full Throttle Cafe or donate cash which will be used to buy them.