CILLA tribute Victoria Jones admits she was probably born in the wrong decade.

She is the star of the Cilla and the Shades of the Sixties which returns to Clacton next month.

And Victoria is never more happy than when she is transporting audiences back to that most swinging of decades.

"I've always adored 60s music," she said. "The songs of that era had such a raw sound which I love.

"I really think I was born in the wrong decade. Performing as Cilla gives me the opportunity to celebrate the fashion and sound of a generation of women who were beginning to make a real difference in the music industry and across the world.

"The Shades are all so talented so it's great to share a stage with them. We all have great energy and chemistry together on stage and off."

Like the late entertainer, Victoria is a red-head Scouser.

She was too young to have met her idol.

Victoria said: "Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to meet Cilla but my aunts used to see her out and about in Liverpool.

"Growing up, I only knew Cilla as a TV presenter. It wasn't until later on in my teens I heard her music and was amazed by her vocal range.

"I used to do vocal impressions when I was younger so I quickly added Cilla to my list.

"I find her ballads beautiful and she's great at portraying heartbreak which is so moving to hear. Her passion has definitely inspired me.

"When I travel around the country I always get compared to Cilla ... or Sheridan Smith.

"I do feel a connection there, she too was a bold girl from a working class background who just loved to perform.

"She really made huge changes for women back in the 60s. She could take on The Beatles, beat the big American stars with songs like Alfie, host her own TV show and made every 'normal' girl feel like big things were possible."

Cilla and the Shades of the Sixties is at the Princes Theatre on March 25 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £21 (£19 concessions) from the box office on 01255 686633.