TENDRING’S senior police officer has revealed that Frinton and Walton are among the safest places to live in Essex, despite councillors’ claims that it is becoming increasingly difficult to report crime.

At the last Frinton and Walton Town Council meeting, Councillor Nick Turner vented his frustration that he was unable to contact an officer directly when reporting low-level crime.

The Frinton councillor said he had been trying to report some criminal damage to the police.

He said: “I emailed a policeman that I know and he said ‘Sorry I can’t do anything about this you’ve got to go through the website.’ “I can’t speak to anyone directly about it.

“We are privileged as councillors that we have got a phone number we can use, but how does the general public get through and speak to the police?”

Tendring police Insp Darren Deex told the Gazette that although there has been an increase in the crime rate in Frinton and Walton, the numbers were relatively small and should not be a cause for huge concern.

Mr Deex said: “The percentage crime rise in Frinton is below the average rise for the Tendring district and also the county – it is also reflected in the national crime pattern.

“Although the crime rise in Walton is higher than this, the numbers are still relatively low.

“On average, the Walton area has had one recorded crime per day over the past ten months.

“The Frinton and Walton area remains a very safe place to live, work and enjoy.”

He added: “We will continue to do our best to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour and deal robustly with offenders when the need arises.

“I would say that Frinton and Walton are some of the safest places to live in the Tendring and Essex area.”