A WOMAN has launched a petition to stop a car rally around Tendring admid fears animals will be traumatised.

Caroline Lindsay, 54, claims animals will be put at risk as they will feel threatened by the loud engines.

The veterinary physiotherapist, who lives in Little Oakley, said: “The rally is scheduled for peak wildlife and livestock breeding season.

“There is new evidence that animals can suffer from trauma due to noise and develop post traumatic stress disorder.

“There is scant research on the effects of noise on wildlife and close proximity car racing.

“There is no ecology report for this event and the bats on the route need to be identified and their legal conservation upheld.

“I am sure this is not the impression that Tendring wishes to be known for.”

Mrs Lindsay said she also had concerns if an animal were to be injured vets would struggle to tend to their injuries due to the road closures.

However, event organiser Tony Clements says he has visited every resident on the streets which will be closed during the event on April 22 and none have expressed any concern about the rally causing distress to their animals.

He said: “If there was a requirement for a vet to visit any properties on the closed roads the rally would be immediately suspended to allow emergency access.

“We will also have a vet on call to respond to any incidents.

“There is no evidence to suggest birds and small mammals will be adversely affected by the passage of the rally.

“In fact, motorways and busy main roads, together with railway lines, are well known for their verges and embankments being something of a haven for wildlife, despite the constant noise and speed of the passing traffic.

“There is no such thing as post traumatic stress disorder in birds and small mammals.

“There is no research or data to suggest it exists.

“It is misleading to assign human emotions to broad categories of animals.”

A spokesman for the RSPCA has confirmed that noise disturbance can have a a negative impact on the welfare of both pets and wild animals.

He said: “A study commissioned by the RSPCA found that nearly half of the owners surveyed reported their dogs to be scared of loud noises, including cars backfiring.

“Therefore, noisy events like a rally are likely to be a frightening experience for many dogs and other pets.

“It is likely that the noise produced during an event like this would also cause a disturbance to wild animals such as waterfowl or nesting birds and is likely to cause suffering or distress, depending on the distance from the event and the noise level.”