A SESSION for the public to voice views on the upcoming merger of Ipswich and Colchester General hospitals takes place next week.

The session is at Clacton Library this Thursday and residents will be given the latest information and can voice any concerns.

Nick Hulme, chief executive for both hospital trusts, insisted: “The merger is good news for the residents we serve. With over 10,000 staff, our combined strength will help us to see our patients at the right time, provide the best treatments locally and attract new staff.

“Merging will mean we can spend less money on overheads and duplication, and more money on our services to improve care for our patients.

“We are really keen that local residents are kept up to speed on progress with the merger and have the opportunity to give their views on our plans.

“We are not planning any major changes, but there is a lot we can do to make services run more smoothly and free up time for our patients and staff.”

The session is from 10am to 2pm or people can fill in an online survey at colchesteripswich.org.