A PRODUCER from Thorpe is appealing for backing for a new gangster feature film being shot in Tendring.

Anthony Longhurst is working with fellow producers Robert Putt and Darren S Cook on Lucas and Albert.

It tells the story of two hitmen who set out on what could be the final job for one of them.

They have been given the a contract to eliminate a string of targets by the mysterious Mr Mac.

But as they make their way through the hit-list they begin to discover what makes each other tick - and the real reasons for the contract.

Anthony said: "The film has comedy and pathos coupled with some shocking moments that will pull the audience back in their seats.

"It's Pinteresque - with a hint of laurel and Hardy.

Anthony has lived in Tendring for more than 20 years and appeared in the 1997 film Fever Pitch and 2004 gangster flick Charlie alongside Luke Goss, Steven Berkoff, Anita Dobson and Leslie Grantham.

He also had bit parts in EastEnders, London's Burning and Casualty.

Robert has been writing, acting and directing for more than 50 years, and has appeared in The Sweeney, Pennies From Heaven and The Monocled Mutineer and Hatton Garden the Heist.

Darren S Cook's film Broken Silence won the Coupe de Coeur award at Cannes in 2010.

The production trio are putting together a professional cast for Lucas and Albert.

They are on a shoestring budget of £60,000 but say it will be enough.

They hope to start filming in late autumn and be ready for general release in autumn 2019.

The team is hoping local businesses to get involved in making the film in return for advertising or product placement and a film credit.

Some unpaid extra roles could also be up for grabs.

Anthony said: "Making the film in the Tendring area will bring many opportunities, as well as the kudos and a novelty value.

"It will bring awareness to the area - the Naze, Point Clear and the surrounding countryside - as well as to historical places of interest which will have a knock-on effect for tourism.

"And once the film is completed we hope to have a screening in the area, either at Clacton or the Electric Palace or in Colchester."

He added: "We really believe in this film."

Anthony can be contacted at aglonghurst@outlook.com.