A CARE home is granting elderly residents simple wishes by hanging them on a wishing washing line.

Residents at Corner Lodge care home in Clacton were asked for a list of their wishes which was passed on to the Friends and Neighbours Network – a charity for elderly people in care home.

They were then hung up on a ‘washing line’ at in the Tesco on Brook Retail Park.

Big-hearted shoppers can then make the wishes come true.

The idea came from activities co-ordinator Debbie Collins, who said residents were overwhelmed by the response.

She said: "The fact that people have contributed is just wonderful.

“The response from the Clacton community has been heart-warming and we are truly grateful for the outpouring of generosity.

“The residents couldn’t believe the response we had and members of the community have been coming in and handing gifts over themselves.”

Every resident is involved and most wishes have already been granted.

Emily Monk, 97, asked for a Victoria sponge cake and Olive Reeves received a large bar of chocolate from an anonymous donor.