PC Kev Ward has taken a tumble whilst trying to take on a hover-board.

Tendring Police have shared a video highlighting that they're keen to turn their hand at most activities.

Officers have posted the video to their Facebook page of PC Kev Ward who tried to take on a hover-board whilst out in the area. 

The post on Essex Police Tendring's Facebook page reads: "Here at Tendring Police we like to think we can turn our hand to most things.

Occasionally, however, it goes spectacularly wrong and when it does our officers can always rely on their colleagues to back them up - or in this case, film it!

"Cue Pc Kev Ward who decided to push the boundaries of community engagement and take on a group of youngsters with their Hoverboards. "Now I’m no expert but I’m not sure he fully got to grips with it... what do you think?