AN innovative club for people with leg problems has won a national award.

The Clacton Leg Club is for people of all ages with lower leg problems, predominantly leg ulcers.

It was launched by community healthcare provider Anglian Community Enterprise and is run in association with the voluntary sector.

The project has received first prize at the Queen’s Nursing Institute Awards and members of the ACE team who help run the club were invited to the institute’s annual conference in London to receive their award and present details of the project. Kelly Buxey, community nursing lead for ACE, said: “The Leg Club model was conceived as a unique partnership between the district nursing team and the community, in which patients are empowered to become stakeholders in their own treatment.

“Leg clubs aim to provide leg ulcer management in a social environment, where patients are treated collectively.

“The emphasis is on social interaction, participation, empathy and peer support where positive health beliefs are promoted.

“The model impacts positively on healing and recurrence rates and helps isolated older people reintegrate into their communities. The key features of a leg club are they are held in a non-medical setting, members are treated collectively, they operate on a drop-in basis and they incorporate a fully-integrated well-leg regime.”

Kelly added: “Volunteer involvement is essential for the success of the Leg Club.

“We are seeking volunteers, particularly people with experience of leg ulcers or experience of helping people with leg ulcers.”

Anyone interesting in volunteering can call Kelly on 07775 511358 or email