PLANS to launch a new online lottery to fund good causes and charities in Tendring have taken a step forward.

Tendring Council is looking at the idea as a way of helping it to continue to support the voluntary and community sectors with funding despite increased financial pressures following Government cuts.

The district-wide lottery could be used to support the council’s Big Society Fund, which funds local charities and their projects.

The idea was put forward by Lynda McWilliams, cabinet member for health and education, and has now got the initial backing of the cabinet.

Mrs McWilliams said the scheme is at an early stage and she is pleased that there is interest to take it forward.

“It will mean that deserving charities within Tendring will be able to apply for funds from the Tendring lottery,” she added.

The cabinet has asked for a consultation with local charities to get their feedback on the idea and to ensure that smaller charities do not miss out.

Council leader Neil Stock said that it could be an innovative way of raising funds for organisations.

It is mooted that the lottery, for which the council would need to be licensed by the Gambling Commission, would be weekly and tickets would cost £1.

It is recommended that a minimum of 60 per cent of the proceeds would go to good causes.