A COUPLE celebrating 60 years of wedded bliss have revealed the secret to their long and happy marriage ... selective hearing.

Diamond husband and wife Allan and Doreen Clark tied the knot in 1957 at St James' Church, Clacton.

Doreen now lives at Corner House care home in Wash lane.

Hubby Allan visits her every day for meals together at the home, which is close to where he lives.

He worked as a postmaster and they first met at Clacton post office.

They went on to have two daughters – Beverley and Tracey – and four grandchildren.

Doreen says love and patience are the secrets of their happy marriage.

Allan believes being "deaf at the right time" has helped.

The couple have always been involved with St James' Church where they sang in the choir.

They were thrilled to receive an anniversary card from the Queen and celebrated with a party and singer at Corner House with family and other residents.