LEWIS Carroll's novel Alice In Wonderland gets curiouser and curiouser when it comes to Clacton's Princes Theatre.

Alice Through The Frinton Gates is a modern retelling of the 1865 children's classic.

Frinton's Spotlight Youth Theatre Group will take audiences on a magical journey of discovery far beyond the famous gates to a land where Alice hopes to rediscover her lost imagination with sister Dana.

Spotlight boss Clare Chandler said: "It's everything you know from Alice In Wonderland, but with a bit of a twist so it's not quite the story you think.

"The are some really colourful characters, fun dancing and singing. It's like a panto with a lot of audience participation."

The cast of more than 20 youngsters are aged 8-15.

Eleven-year-old Ava Aguda plays Alice, Jemima Speller is Dana, and Jemima Speller and Madison Chandler play fairy narrators Sparkle and Tiffany.

Jasmine Chandler and Charlotte Perry are Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dummer, Connor Johnson plays the Queen of Hearts and Teddy Ellena is the Mad Hatter.

It is Spotlight's first Princes show since the group launched three years ago.

Clare said: "It's our biggest show yet. We usually do shows at the McGrigor Hall in Frinton but we have outgrown the stage and were selling too many tickets there so we decided to take a leap forward and move to a bigger stage.

"It's quite scary but the children are very excited and raring to go. I thought they might be overwhelmed by the whole thing but we had our dress rehearsal there and they really enjoyec being on the big stage.

"We are hoping to get our name known out there and if all goes well we will be performing two shows a year at the Princes – fingers crossed."

The family-friendly show is suitable for all ages and jam-packed with loveable characters, toe-tapping tunes and breathtaking dance routines.

Alice Through The Frinton Gates is at the Princes this Sunday***SEPT03*** at 2.30pm. Tickets are £10.50 from the box office on 01255 686633.