HUNDREDS of music fans are expected at a mini festival in Jaywick this weekend.

The Eldorado bar launched Eldofest last year in a bid to show the community in a good light following a string of negative fly-on-the-wall TV documentaries.

About 2,000 music fans attended the event, which was in danger of being axed at the last minute because of a licensing glitch.

Bar owner Steve Garrett is staging Eldofest 2017 this Sunday from 1pm, featuring 11 hours of music from local bands, including Icy Dead People, Popgun, Heaven On Earth, Litter of Kings, Avalanche, Beat the Beast, Sarah and the Others and Adam Churchill's Blues Band.

Wife Carole said: "Last year my husband was so upset by the false and demoralising depiction of Jaywick on a popular television programme, that he decided to try to bring some positive publicity to the area and show the amazing community spirit that we have here.

"He also decided that, after losing so many family and loved ones to cancer, it had to be in aid of cancer charities.

"With all this in mind, it seamed obvious that we would host a music festival, and Eldofest was born.

"This year we are hoping to not only raise some money for local children's charities but also showcase some amazingly talented local musicians and the community spirit that makes such a large event like this possible."

The festival is raising money for Little Havens Children's Hospice and Seaside Care Homes.

There will be three stages with 11 hours of live music, stalls and children's entertainment, at the Broadway venue.

Carole added: "Last year we had an estimated 2,000 visitors and we are aiming to better that this year.

"More people means more money for the children and their families who need it the most."