A JEALOUS ex-boyfriend who posted intimate photos of his former partner on a swinger’s website will spend the next four years in jail.

Anthony Webb, 44, was convicted of two counts of stalking and possessing a firearm - a stun gun disguised as a mobile phone - at Ipswich Crown Court in April.

Now he has been jailed and slapped with a five year long restraining order.

The trial heard Colchester bodyguard Webb, who works for high-profile clients, subjected Denise Bolt to months of harassment between January and May 2015.

Unable to move on after being dumped by Miss Bolt on New Year’s Day 2015, he shared her photos to the website Fab Swingers months later.

The couple had created a profile on the website while they were together in 2011 but had rarely used it, the court heard.

However, the jury heard Webb reactivated the profile using just Miss Bolt’s details when they split up.

The devastated gym worker found out by chance when a stranger made sexual advances towards her at work.

He visited her at Bannatyne’s Health Club, in Whitehall industrial estate, Colchester, and showed her the private photos.

She recognised them as being taken five years earlier while the couple were on a city break in London.

Giving evidence in court from behind a screen, she said: “I turned up at work and my receptionist said: ‘You have got somebody who would like to look around the gym.’ “I sat down and spoke him and started to show him around.

“We got to the changing room and he was on his phone, which I thought was a bit rude, and when I asked him if everything was OK, he showed me pictures of me. They were sexual.

“I asked him: ‘How did you get these?’ and he said: ‘Didn’t you send them to me?’ “I said: ‘It wasn’t me, I don’t know who you are.’”

The court heard Miss Bolt, of Colchester, felt ashamed after the encounter and was terrified of what Webb might do.

The couple had lived together since 2011, during which time he had CCTV cameras installed inside their home and took about 120 photos of her over three days.

Webb claimed it was because of a burglary but it was really to keep tabs on her.

Webb also fitted tracker devices to the mum-of-two’s car as well as a vehicle belonging to her new boyfriend Timothy Morffew.

When police eventually searched Miss Bolt’s car, officers found the device fitted in the engine bay which had been wired to the car’s battery.

Photos of the pair also captured them leaving a Premier Inn hotel together.

Both feared for their safety after Webb sent Whatsapp messages promising to “hospitalise anyone sniffing around” Miss Bolt.

She said: “He sent me poems but I wasn’t interested. Some of them I didn’t even open.”

Police also found a stun gun in a cupboard after Webb was charged with the stalking offences but he claimed he did not intend to use it as it had no battery or charger.

After jailing Webb, of Holly Land, Great Tey, Judge John Devaux also issued a five-year restraining order.

The security expert is banned from having contact with Miss Bolt and two other women in her family plus Mr Morffew.

But the emotional damage has already been done. She said: “He affected me in all ways. I always looked two cars in front and two behind when I was driving to see any patterns or to see if I recognised any number plates.”

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