SUCCESS for Kirby Primary Academy School at their annual sports day event.

The energetic, sports filled day took place last Thursday and was branded an ‘enormous success’ due to more involvement from the PTA and simple changes made by the school’s sports coach.

The day was split up into two parts with Key Stage one pupils taking part in their activities in the morning and Key Stage two in the afternoon.

Children competed in field events, a series of obstacles, a relay race and finishing off with a sprint.

The school’s sports coach, Michael Burgoyne, complemented the children on their sportsmanship.

He said: "The team high-fives and constant cheering for all competitors has been heart-warming. It’s great to see so many children enjoying a range of sports and supporting one-another to be successful."

The day ran smoothly along with assistance from PE ambassadors from Tendring Technology College with many of the parents, staff and pupils commenting on the ‘energetic buzz’ throughout the day.

Headteacher, Charlotte Booth-Rylett, said: "We believe the launch of the children’s choice of learning dispositions to be a key factor in the positive ethos around the school. Events such as sports day give children the opportunity to demonstrate ‘Collaboration’ and ‘Pride’ in particular."