BRITAIN’S first Labour and Ukip coalition will be formed tomorrow, according to the leader of Basildon Council.

Phil Turner is set to be ousted from his position when the authority decides on whether to revert to a committee system. It will mean the Tories share decision making powers.

In an email to John Baron, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Basildon and Billericay, Mr Turner said opposition councillors have formed an “unholy alliance.”

He added: “Thursday, May 25, 2017 will see Ukip and Labour join forces in the country’s first Ukip/Labour coalition.

“Ukip will support the Labour leader Gavin Callahan taking the leadership of the council and an agreement between the parties will see them usher in a return to a committee system from a cabinet system and divide the committee chairmanships and vice chairmanships between them.”

Under the proposals, Mr Turner’s cabinet of seven Conservative councillors will be abolished and replaced with committees.

The committees will oversee each cabinet member portfolio, with nine cross-party councillors voting on issues.

It means four Conservatives could be on each committee, with the other five spaces being shared between Ukip and Labour councillors.

Mr Turner said: “Having jumped in bed together, it really is vote Ukip get Labour.

“Such diametrically opposed ideology means residents and the borough will lose out while the unholy alliance between Ukip and Labour fails to deliver tangible benefits and delivers financial savings.”

Labour leader Gavin Callaghan dubbed Mr Turner’s remarks as “crass” and said becoming council leader was not “part of the plan.”

He said: “The committee system will take the power out of the hands of the few and place it in the hands of 42 democratically elected councillors.

“Instead of having back door deals and decisions, they will have to be taken in a democratic way.

“This idea of me becoming council leader is news to me, it isn’t part of the plan.”

Ukip leader Linda Allport-Hodge added: “It is not a coalition, we have to remember that members from various political parties tabled a motion to get rid of the cabinet system.”