ANGRY residents told how repairs have still not been carried out after workmen destroyed roads and footpaths while installing new internet cables.

Contractors from Virgin Media installed broadband equipment in Labworth Road, Atherstone Road and Beach House Gardens, Canvey, last month. Residents claim the workmen have left the roads in a terrible state and are “destroying the island.”

Despite workers being ordered by highways bosses to return to fix the problems, residents claim repairs are not good enough.

Martin Richardson, 51, of Labworth Road, said: “I spoke to inspectors from highways and they said they had just stopped them from pouring in concrete in Grafton Road because the work was unacceptable and it hadn’t been properly compacted.

“Last week a lorry deposited a large load of dirt onto the verges. However, they didn’t compact it down or seed it and after the rain, it was all just washed away.”

Mr Richardson said that due to the poor workmanship, the driveways will crack in the near future.

He also said that the contractors raised the driveways, meaning that the bottom of some cars are now scraping on the ground.

It is understood Virgin Media was fined a total of £12,500 after the work overran by five days.

Mr Richardson called on residents to join him in reporting the ongoing problem.

He added: “Highways aren’t going to say ‘let’s go and have a drive around Canvey to see how things are going’ - they don’t have the manpower. However, if people report the problems then they can come out and see what the issues are.”

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “We apologise to residents for any inconvenience and are working to resolve their concerns.”

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “Our inspector has checked these roads following completion of the works and found that additional surface sealing needs to be carried out in Beach House Gardens and minor defect repaired in Labworth Road and Atherstan Road. All remedial work will be carried out, and paid for, by Virgin Media.”