A DEVOTED family are hoping to raise thousands of pounds to create an “oasis” in their back garden for their disabled son.

Four-year-old Stanley Newman suffers from the progressive muscle-wasting condition Muscular Dystrophy, a life-limiting condition which sees his body gradually becoming weaker.

Stanley’s parents Rob, 41, and Laura, 30, are trying to raise enough money to create Stanley’s Oasis to help with their son’s health and well-being by installing a hydrotherapy pool, therapy room and making their garden accessible to Stanley.

They want to make their garden level and replace the turf with artificial grass so Stanley get about in his electric wheel chair independently all year round.

They then want to build a therapy room where they can help the youngster with his daily stretching and muscle-strengthening exercises and store his exercise equipment in.

The couple, of Skelmersdale Road, Clacton, also want to install hydrotherapy tub close to the house which Stanley can use daily throughout the year to help relax his legs and body.

However, the life-changing equipment comes at a price and the family are trying to raise £20,000 to meet the cost.

Stanley’s dad. Rob, who is a firefighter, said hydrotherapy is considered the best process to help combat his son’s condition and give relief from his muscular aches and pains.

He said: “Stanley just loves being in water.

“Every day he asks when he can go swimming as we used to go to a pool three to four times a week, but now he goes to Holland Haven School it doesn’t work anymore.

“It’s hard to describe but Stanley comes alive in the water and it supports 70 per cent of his body weight which allows him to use the little strength he has left in his body in a pool.”

“It is really important for Stanley to be in an environment where he can move with less effort and enjoy himself.

“As a family our aim is to give Stanley the best life possible to make sure he is a happy little boy.”

Anyone wanting to support the appeal to create Stanley’s Oasis should go to just4children.org and search for Stanley’s Oasis.