CLACTON Labour Party has come out for Jeremy Corbyn.

A constituency party meeting recently saw 48 members vote for the current leader, 21 for his contender Owen Smith, with one spoiled ballot paper.

The vote comes as 285 or 84 per cent of constituency Labour Parties nationally finally declared their support for the party leader.

High Court battles concerning whether new members could vote caused “confusion” said Clacton branch chair Sam Atkinson, but due to the timing of the local meeting, they were able to vote, if they attended the meeting.

Ms Atkinson said the result was expected, despite her opposition to Mr Corbyn, whom she said “preaches to the converted” rather than appeals on the doorstep, as voters keep telling her.

She hoped the 130 who had joined the party locally since its AGM in April, giving it 350 members, its highest in her six years with Labour, would help it win.

However, the working single mum said there were many “keyboard warriors” who say things need doing, but they never find the time to help the party, so the extra numbers may make no difference.

Labour votes for its leader in September.

“Whether there will be a party split remains to be seen. I joined the Labour Party because it’s the Labour Party. I believe in what it is doing. No one person is bigger than the Labour Party. I want it to stay as the Labour Party, for us all to work together. Those who say they will leave are not true Labour,” Ms Atkinson added.