RESIDENTS in the country’s most deprived ward hope a disparaging report on a Russian TV news programme that likened Jaywick to “dirt” will help embarrass the Government into taking action.

Jaywick’s Brooklands Estate was featured as part of a television report in Novosibirsk last week.

It came after BBC Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg visited Russia’s third largest city to film a report about the Russian economy.

But his presence angered Novosibirsk Television, which accused him of criticising Russia.

It used images of Jaywick to highlight that parts of the UK are worse than places in Russia.

“We may have plenty of dirt in our city,” the Russian reporter said. “But there’s plenty of dirt in the West, too.”

Former district councillor Dan Casey said the report was correct.

“I’m a veteran of the Cold War and it was a frightening time – we don’t want to see tensions with Russia escalated,” he said.

“But they are right when they highlight that Jaywick has problems. We have been officially listed as the most deprived area since 2010 and we still are.

“Despite that, we have had little investment. We need massive investment from the Government and Europe, but despite promise after promise nothing happens.

“The people of Jaywick don’t care where we get the money from – we would even welcome investment from Russia if they wanted to give it. We would be happy to take it.”

Mr Casey added: “I hope the report embarrasses our Government into doing something.”

Tendring Council leader Neil Stock said: “I am very happy that our district is being discussed on the international stage as it gives us another opportunity to highlight the excellent work that we are doing with our partners to improve Jaywick and, hence, to enhance the lives of our residents.

“Essex County Council is spending £5million over the next two years to improve drainage and roads, and that has been very much welcomed.

“Tendring Council, for its part, has bought 28 hectares of land for around £2million and will be looking to attract investment to build new homes.

“We are also working closely with our partners and the residents of Jaywick to improve the environment, infrastructure and facilities, as well as create new job opportunities.

“We accept promises have been broken in the past, but there is a real commitment to make sure things are on the up in Jaywick – and initiatives are already well under way.”

  • A new season of Channel 5’s controversial Benefits by the Sea: Jaywick starts on Tuesday at 9pm.