RESIDENTS are being invited to see how the future of Jaywick will progress.

The community forum is pushing ahead with the Vision for Jaywick project, which is backed by Essex County Council and Tendring Council.

The vision – which was published in December – was put together after Jaywick was given special coastal community team status and £10,000 of Lottery Fund cash to draw up plans and apply for funding.

As part of the consultation, residents were asked for ideas to help kick-start regeneration in the community, as well as being asked what was “tops” and what is “pants” in Jaywick.

Delegates drew up five alternative visions for Jaywick’s future, the favourite of which was for the village to have a beautiful beach with good facilities and activities, good quality eco-housing, secure sea defences, clean streets and pavements, as well as jobs, a supermarket, watersports and a lifeguard station by 2025.

Gill Elkins, of Jaywick Forum, said: “We do not want the vision to be just done and put away for later use – this would be a waste of time.

“We want to action it now as much as we can.

“Without the help of residents, the Vision for Jaywick would not have been possible. Essex County Council will be at a drop-in day to listen to any ideas that residents may have.

“Local people have given their time and efforts and Tendring Council and Essex County Council are committed to support Jaywick in bringing their vision to life, both now and in the long term.”

Jaywick was one of 12 coastal communities to receive cash as part of a Government project to boost deprived economies by creating coastal teams, aimed at kick-starting seaside economies and creating jobs.

The teams is made up of residents, councils and small businesses, and will be able to bid for a share of the Government’s £3million coastal revival fund.

Residents are invited to an informal drop-in day at St Christopher’s Church, in Meadow Way, Jaywick, today from 10am to 3pm.