A CAMERA-loving seagull got into a flap after photobombing Google’s Streetview.

The seagull was caught on camera in the town’s Pier Avenue by the internet giant’s camera car, which maps outs streets across the country.

The bird can be seen flapping his wings just above the camera car as it passed the town’s McDonald’s restaurant.

The picture was spotted by Gary Ashby, 32, of Holland Road, Clacton. 

“It’s hilarious,” he said. “It’s the best photobomb ever. I was just browsing Google Streetview and came across the seagull.

“They have a thing for me as they keep chasing me on my walks along the seafront.”

The latest seagull photobomb comes after amateur photographer David Black’s shot of the Red Arrows at Clacton Airshow in August was invaded by another high-flyer.

The photo appeared in the Gazette and later hit the national headlines.