AN amateur photographer snapped this once-in-alifetime shot of a seagull photobombing the Red Arrows display at Clacton Airshow.

David Black, from Colchester, was leaving the show to beat the traffic when he captured the picture (above) on his iPhone.

It shows the soaring seagull appearing to be surrounded by the Red Arrow stunt jets, which were flying in the background.

Wall and floor tiler David said: “It was just a bit of luck, to be honest.

“We had been watching the show further down the beach and were walking back to the park and ride, stopping to watch and take pictures as we went.

“I was just trying to take pictures of the Red Arrows when the seagull flew in front.

“I didn’t even realise until I got home later and had a look through at the pictures.

“There were all these people at the airshow with big expensive cameras and I managed to get that by pointing and shooting with my phone.

“I think it’s one of those pictures it would be impossible to get on purpose.”