A CAFE owner ended up with a £100 parking fine for visiting a shop in Clacton twice in one day.

Darren Hennessey, who runs the Sailor Boy Cafe in St Osyth, was stunned to receive the fine after visiting the Range to buy paint on April 15.

Mr Hennessey first visited the store at 9am before leaving a few minutes later.

He returned briefly to the Valleybridge Road store in the afternoon after running out of paint, but said he was there less than half an hour.

A month later Parking Eye, which manages parking on the site, sent him a letter demanding a £60 fine by May 22, whichhas nowshot up to to £100. It said he was caught on camera entering the store at 9.01am and leaving at 3.26pm.

Mr Hennessey said: “The camera only registered the car the first time and the last time.

“That could happen to anyone and six weeks later you could have a fine."

Mr Hennessey said he did not want other people to get caught out and feel pressured into paying any fine.

He added: “I phoned the manager of the Clacton store he said there was nothing they can do and I have got to take it up with Parking Eye.

“I phoned up the Range customer services and they said that is the chance you take if you visit the Range twice.”

A Parking Eye spokesman said: “We operate an industry-leading audited appeals process, as detailed on the parking charge notice, and encourage individuals to appeal.

“We are yet to receive an appeal in relation to this case, but, based on the information provided by the Gazette, the charge has been cancelled.”