Not only is social media a great way for you to promote yourself and find a job, it’s also being used by more and more employers to find the people they want! To help you make the most of your networks, here’s five top social media tips for finding a job:

1. Always keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date

LinkedIn is the first social network that employers will visit to research prospective employees – so make sure you have a profile and it’s up-to-date. You’ll want to look as professional as possible, so make sure all sections are 100% complete, and that your profile picture isn’t from your recent holiday! Your LinkedIn profile is really a CV online – so be sure to sell yourself well, adding all your skills and experience.

2. Share your knowledge with blogs, photos and videos

Show employers that you’re the right person for the job by publishing blogs, photos and videos that are relevant to the job. Looking for a job in a kitchen? Why not start a cooking blog, show photos on Instagram or post demonstration videos on YouTube? You can then link to these on your social networks to show potential employers your skills, abilities and enthusiasm for the role.

3. Clean up your profile or change your settings to private

Your social media profile can be a great asset to your job search but a messy or unprofessional profile can also harm your employment chances! Clean up your profile to be professional, but also show your personality. If this is a big task, change your settings to private, and make it public once you’re done.

4. Network with online discussion groups

Networking online is a great way to get in touch with employers or people who can make contacts for you. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups to meet people with similar interests and skills as you, or get involved in Twitter hashtag conversations. These can also be good ways to talk directly to a potential employer!

5. Tell your friends you’re looking for work on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The more people who know you’re looking for work, the better. So spread the word, and increase your chances of getting in touch with employers who need people like you!

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