THREE Clacton teenagers have been handed special awards by the Essex Chief Constable for a play about the dangers of knife crime.

Saskia Jackson, 18, Sophie Read, 19, and Victoria Brett, 18, received the commendations from Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh.

The trio were all pupils at Clacton County High School.

They wrote the play after the murder of Jay Whiston, who was stabbed to death outside a house party in 2012.

They showed the play to Jay’s mother Caroline Shearer, who launched anti-knife charity Only Cowards Carry following her Clacton son’s death. She gave her full support to the production, which was performed to pupils and parents.

Mr Kavanagh said: “I was impressed with their performance and shed a tear whilst watching it. It was a fitting tribute to Jay.

“Their response to the tragedy really captured how the community felt and demonstrated such an important message.

“Young people need to make the right choices and should understand the consequences they may face if they carry a knife.”

The trio hope their play will stop youngsters from picking up knives and plan to continue to support the Only Cowards Carry charity.