A PROPOSAL by district councillors to pay £127,000 a year to County Hall so it will reverse its controversial streetlight switch-off in Tendring will go before a meeting next week.

The Labour group on Tendring Council is putting forward plans to have the streetlights switched back on following fears the move has led to an increase in crime.

Essex County Council introduced its part-night lighting scheme, which has seen streetlights switched off between midnight and 5am, in a bid to save cash and carbon emissions.

Ivan Henderson, leader of the opposition Labour group, has called on Tendring Council to foot the bill instead.

He said the £127,000 figure is the sum the county council expects to save in Tendring by switching off the lights.

Mr Henderson said: “The money for the rest of the finical year could come from the council’s reserves, but for the following year it could be funded by an increase in council tax, which at its worst would be just £2.04 per household per year.

“The Conservatives at Essex County Council won’t reverse this awful policy.

“It’s not right that people would have to pay twice, but it’s more important that we get our lights back on – people are worried about an increase in crime.”

Council leader Mick Page said he would be talking to Essex County Council to see whether the idea was workable or not.

The motion goes before the next meeting of the council on Tuesday.