YOUNGSTERS created a top line-up of super scarecrows for a competition – including a Duchess of Cambridge lookalike, complete with baby bump.

Each year, Parker’s Nursery, in Kirby Cross, launches the build-a-scarecrow contest for primary school pupils.

They are challenged to come up with imaginative entries and make them over a six-week period.

Organisers have been “blown away” by some of this year’s entries.

Tim McLeod, from Parker’s Nursery, said: “They can make the scarecrows in whatever theme they like.

“We get all sorts coming in, from traditional scarecrows to aliens and cowboys. They really get creative.

“This year, Walton Primary School submitted the Kate scarecrow and we think it is just fantastic.

“The baby bump and baby scan pictures were a great touch.

“We also had a farmer with a wheelbarrow, a big-suited scarecrow called ‘The Boss’ and one wearing a hoodie and UGG boots.

“The schools fit it into their curriculum and it is so much fun for everyone involved seeing what they come up with each year.”

The Kate and Boss scarecrows scooped the top prizes in this year’s competition.