PENSIONER John Gubbins stopped working “nine to five” years ago, but he is still Dolly Parton’s number one fan.

So staff at his care home wrote to the queen of country and western asking if she would pop in and perform a few songs.

Dolly’s hectic schedule meant she was unable to visit John, 77, at Corner Lodge in Clacton.

But the big-hearted star did send him a signed photo of herself.

Staff framed the picture, which now has pride of place in his bedroom.

Activities co-ordinator Debbie Collins said: “He loves his Dolly Parton. He talks about her all the time and is always asking why she can’t come here.

“That's why I wrote to see if she would come and sing. That was a no-no because of her busy schedule, but John was thrilled with the photo.

“His face just lit up – it was like his birthday and Christmas rolled into one.”