A DEVASTATED caravan owner fears the closure of a popular site in Walton could spell the end of the town.

The Martello Caravan Park site, off Kirby Road, is in its last season and will close its gates for good in December.

Anne Gallagher, 54, of London, has owned a caravan there for two decades and visits throughout the year.

She said: “We just received a letter telling us we would have to pack up and clear out by the end of October. People are just devastated. We have had the rug pulled from under our feet.

“It will leave a big hole in the town and I’m worried that it is just going to sit and rot. I think it could be the end of Walton.

“It’s a holiday town and they’re taking away the means for people to go on holiday there. We all know how long it takes for these big plans to get planning permission.

"It could be years before any houses are built, while the town just fades away.

"Even though we live in London, the truth is we don’t live there in the true sense of the word. We work there so we can live in Walton at every given opportunity.

“Watching people leaving the Martello for the last time has been heartbreaking. These are our homes and our memories.”

The site is earmarked for 250 new homes, as well as a possible GP surgery development.

Tesco already has planning permission to build a superstore at the front of the site, although no work has started.