A VIOLENT thug is appealing against one of his convictions for affray.

Rhys Hennebry, 19, of Gurdon Road, Colchester, was convicted of attacking two people in separate attacks within 24 hours.

He barged into a house in St Andrew’s Avenue, Colchester on September 8, 2012, pushed Dan Richman to the ground and began kicking him repeatedly.

He was convicted of affray after a trial.

The next evening he was involved in a fight that led to Edward Redman, 18, stabbing Jay Whiston, 17, to death outside a house party in Marlowe Way, Colchester.

Hennebry, who ran off with Redman, admitted throwing a bottle at Jay.

He was locked up for a total of three years.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice confirmed Hennebry is seeking leave to appeal the affray conviction in relation to the St Andrew’s Avenue attack.

A judge is considering whether to grant leave to appeal.

If he decides there are grounds to appeal, three judges will hear his case.