TWO Tory councillors have defected to Ukip.

Tendring district councillors Dawn and Mick Skeels have switched to Ukip, following Douglas Carswell's lead.

Mr Carswell sensationally defected from the Conservative Party to Ukip and resigned as MP, traiggering a by-election set for October 9.

Mrs Skeels said: "We have decided to make the change with Douglas.

"We both feel like the Conservative Party is increasingly the private property of people like Matthew Parris, rather than local people.

"Douglas has always been a brilliant MP and we are proud to join him in Ukip."

Mr Skeels added: "We feel strongly that this is the right thing to do.

"We hope that more Conservative councillors follow us and Douglas to Ukip, the only party that looks out for local people."

Mrs Skeels represents Little Clacton and Weeley while Mr Skeels represents Clacton's St John's ward.

Mr Carswell said: "We are making this change together. It's wonderful to have Dawn and Mick's support."

Simon Martin Redman, chairman of Clacton's Conservative Association, said: ​"Only Conservatives can deliver for the people of Clacton and Frinton - reducing immigration, delivering an EU Referendum and by sticking to our long-term economic plan to get more jobs and growth in Clacton. 

"A vote for Ukip merely makes the chance of Ed Miliband entering Downing Street and taking Britain backwards more likely.

"It is only by having hard working Conservative councillors in Tendring that major investment in sea defences, regenerating Jaywick and major new leisure facilities - boosting business and jobs in the area - are being delivered."