DOUGLAS Carswell is already set for a fight with Clacton’s existing prospective UKIP candidate Roger Lord.

Mr Lord, a farmer from Weeley Road, Great Bentley, was set to fight Mr Carswell at next year’s General Election.

The county councillor for Brightlingsea claims he will fight to retain the UKIP candidacy now the Tory MP has defected to his party.

“I was selected and appointed a campaign team and we have an election strategy planned,” he said.

“It is rather arrogant to think that just because he has resigned that he can jump on this.

“The party had not told us about it, I hadn’t spoken to them.

“It was a surprise – and I’m surprised they assume he will be selected – it is up to the local association.

“I have already been selected and there will have to be another selection contest at a hustings because of the by-election.

“I have been in and around Clacton all my life and have built up a good rapport.

“I have already recruited several members of Douglas Carswells former campaign team and they don’t want him back – they fell out with him big time.”