A TOWERING new attraction has been set up on Clacton Pier for the summer season.

Named The Tower, the new ride reaches 100 feet into the air, making it the tallest attraction on the pier.

It was set up at the pier last week and has already proved to be a big hit.

Pier boss Billy Ball said: “It was a lot of work to get it in and set up. It was a major two-day operation for us.

“These rides are the latest craze in terms of attractions. They seem to be popping up all over the place.

“We started it running on Saturday and we’ve had a couple of days of bad weather since then, but it has already proved to be very popular.

“It is now one of the busiest we have on the pier.”

The ride will be in place on the pier over the summer season, before being removed again in September.

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