A FRUSTRATED man is still waiting for council-funded home alterations to be made allowing his housebound partner to leave their home.

Debra Foster, of Morris Avenue, Jaywick, is confined to a wheelchair while she recovers from life-saving kidney and pancreas transplants.

She is unable to leave her home due to a flight of steps leading up to the front door.

Partner Tony Smeeton has been battling to have alterations made to the steps with Essex County Council and Tendring Council for the last 20 months since Debra’s operation.

He has now sealed more than £20,000 in funding from Tendring Council for alterations to the home.

The council has already used some of the cash to adapt the interior of the property, installing handicap-friendly bathroom facilities and widening doorways.

But the couple are still waiting for the steps to be revamped to include a stair lift, allowing Debra to leave the house.

Mr Smeeton said: “It has been a long time since the operation and it is starting to take its toll. It is very frustrating not to be able to take her outside.”

Tendring Council has confirmed it is waiting for the company to confirm a date for the stair work.