TOWN Hall bosses will fight proposals to introduce on-street parking charges in Tendring.

Tendring Council leader Pater Halliday claims over-zealous traffic wardens are keeping tourists away from the district’s resorts.

He fears North Essex Parking Partnership, which is run by Colchester Borough Council, will now introduce charges to park in the road in town centres and near tourist hotspots.

It is thought the measures, which have already been proposed for North Station Road in Colchester, are needed to help the partnership raise extra cash to meet a deficit in the income it budgeted for.

Mr Halliday said: “We will do all that we can to ensure that the partnership does not ride roughshod over us and try to put parking meters on our seafronts."

But Robert Mitchell, chairman of the partnership, said: “Decisions taken to develop the service are made by the partnership’s joint committee, comprising representatives from all member authorities, including Tendring Council.

“At its recent meeting the committee gave initial consideration to a proposal for on street charging, recommending views be sought from each district and brought back to the Committee to inform any future discussion.

“ All decisions taken consider local views and aim to balance a range of needs, including providing fair, consistent and transparent parking enforcement, meeting local needs and ensuring a sustainable financial future to continue to deliver effective services."