Sniper Elite has been out for a little while and is now at a great price for the PC, and is totally worth the investment.

It plays like it’s ported from a console, but you will quickly forgive this. Basically, you are a sniper in WWII and you get to snipe the baddies, in this case, the Nazis AND Russians funnily enough. Seems they are planning something that only you can stop. Won’t give it away as your success is the most painful mission of the game.

You get to sneak about a lot in towns and buildings, and a few countryside bits.

But mainly you will be marvelling at why this is 18 rated game. The slo-mo, and bits and pieces and details are all there to be seen and heard.

I love it and have finished it twice now. A nice touch is the ability to ‘mission choose’ once completed, so you can go back and do your fave bits all over again, and again if you must.

There are side bits like picking up gold bars, which seem utterly pointless. You just want to sneak about and snipe. You also get a silenced handgun when you find yourself a little too close. And also a machine gun with pretty much no ammo. It really wants to make you snipe, and that’s fine by me.