This game is about the Mafia, sort of. Not that the Mafia exists, of course, just check out any movie about the Mafia, and they will deny they exist.

But for the sake of this game review, let's say they do. Or at least appear that they do.

You are the mixed race Vietnam war vet Lincoln Clay character out for revenge of what is New Orleans in everything but name.

He carves up New Bordeaux and assigns his fresh acquisitions to a trio of mobster pals while moving closer to the kingpin who killed all the people he ever loved.

So, this is a revenge game, through and through. And this is where some people have complained it is all a bit repetitive.

Interrogate, whack, destroy - all while driving GTA style around the amazingly detailed city which is pretty large.

Thing is, I enjoyed doing those things, so I am enjoying playing. It takes some cunning to finish a mission and move on. Sometimes spawning miles from where you need to be is not too bad, either. I like driving around in anything I fancy pinching.

Collect stuff, upgrade, make decisions - they are all here in a game that is set in 1968.

The locations are pretty varied.

You will need a bit of a beast PC to run it, but that's fine.

Some might find the story drags a bit - as soon as you think you are getting close, there is another layer of baddies to wade through taking over some more rackets.

Guns blazing or super stalker, or a bit of each. It's all down to you.

Buy this game - and that's an offer you can't refuse, is apparently something a certain organisation is said to say. Sometimes.