Where to start with this epic. I have loved the Far Cry games since day one, and I was well aware of lots of people criticising this one before it came out.

All I can tell you is that if you loved the others, you will love this. I know there are no guns, but you do have a long bow, eventually. And that's just like a slightly up closer sniper.

Those who know the Far Cry series will easily fall in to this one. It is all the same, but set 10,000 BC.

Tribes, fighting, animals, missions, resources, more resources and yet more resources. To be honest, all that picking up of plants, wood, stone, slate, and so on, becomes so second nature that it is not really much of a chore.  As usual, there are lot of other period things to pick up, destroy, including setting up altars. The list goes on.
But, we all want to know about taking out bases. Yep, they are here, and you get an owl.

Eh? Yep, your very own 'satellite' system. And the guidance systems in the old days was also brilliant.

Progress in the game, and your eyes in the sky will also take out light enemies. So, you can hide close to a base and repeatedly send in the owl to do your deeds for you. It is weirdly satisfying knowing you can take out much of a base without moving or firing a shot or swinging a club, or lobbing a spear.

The game essentially is you gathering your lost tribe and setting up a new home while taking on rival tribes and about 30 million animals. Eventually, you can tame some of them and send them off to also do the work of the owl. Sabre toothed tiger at your side, anyone? 

It looks beautiful, and I had to update my video drivers to make it all work. It is a fine game, and worthy of the Far Cry name. You can ride some of the animals too, but that's not much fun.

Main missions, loads of sides and people to rescue. It has it all. And an owl.