From gangbangers to ballers, psychopaths to hitmen, this time round we’ve even seen cats running riot.

People scrambling for their lives and of course that first-person perspective – it’s Grand Theft Auto V, all different and gorgeous for the PC. The game has finally come home.

For most of you gamers out there, the PC version of GTA V will not be your first play through. We were first introduced to the open world on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. Now we’re witnessing how GTA V should have looked from the beginning; beautiful 4k imagery along with a full 60 frames per second. However, you need a pretty hefty PC to be able to keep that resolution consistent without any kind of lag or slowdown.

Set in the fictional city of Los Santos, GTA 5 takes you on a twisted adventure of the criminal underworld. The game circles around the lives of three characters whose personalities are very different. Franklin is a mid twenties wannabe gangster, Michael, a retired bank robber and Trevor, well, is Trevor.

Los Santos, loosely based on Los Angeles is filled to the brim with objectives to run. The main story will easily take up most of your time, but to fill those moments where you want to explore come mini events. Catching pickpockets, stealing from bank trucks, a game of tennis or even racing, GTA V will keep you entertained for hours, even after the main story line is complete.

The new first person perspective is a fresh take on the Grand Theft Auto series and adds new depth to what is already a great game. Everything inside Los Santos can be witnessed from the eyes of your character. It takes some getting used to however, especially for returning players. I’m still not keen on the driving aspect seeing as keyboards do not have pressure sensitive buttons which is a massive disadvantage over controller users, especially with driving elements. Not being able to lock your reticule to an enemy while firing also requires more skill to master.

Online is finally caught up and has included the Heist game mode for players level 12 and over. Heists give you and a team the chance to take part in huge missions which require each player to take on a particular job role. Getaway driver, explosives expert, there are a good amount to choose from which is great as they feel fresh with each play-through. There have been some issues on launch however. PC crashes and glitches where the game thinks you’ve still to complete a particular objective are a little too common for my liking, but we’re a few patches in now, so hopefully these issues will be sorted.

Customisation is key, and GTA V definitely throws in a whole bunch of changes you can make. The three characters, along with their cars can be fully customised to your liking. Even better, your online character can become a personal experience making sure they look, and drive how you want.

GTA V is packed with vehicles to choose from. There are many different types. If you’re on land you can use cars, motorbikes, bicycles or even tanks. In the sea you have the choice of jet skis, speed boats or dinghies and in the air come harrier jump jets, biplanes, stunt planes or even military passenger aircraft. We have even seen whales falling from the sky, and of course those rioting cats. Or how about guns that shoot cars. It’s all crazy.

Even for the third time round Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t feel old and I would definitely recommend playing through again, purely for the first person perspective. Grand Theft Auto V is available through Steam as a digital download.