Worms. What a genius idea. Take teams of daft animated creatures of the soil, give them a weird animated destructible environment, and a stack of outlandish weapons – and then let them have at it.

Add in some wisecracks, and the result is one of the most fun games you can play with your friends and family, ever.

And now the latest incarnation of the wonderful series is here – Worms Battlegrounds.

It is just as fun on the new range of consoles – amazingly they have appeared on 25 different platforms since they burst on the scene in 1995. That makes me feel old.

So what’s here. Quick list time.  There are 25 single player story missions if you don’t have any friends. OK, you can still play them if you do have friends that just are about at that moment.

Some 10 ‘Worm Ops’ time attack missions; five environments which are Inca, Viking, Feudal Japan, Industrial Revolution and Prehistoric; multiplayer Deathmatch and Fort modes; a landscape editor, clan Support including Clan Emblem Editor, an absurd 65 Weapons and utilities including 10 outrageous new items like the Mega Mortar, Gravedigger, Winged Monkey, Oxygen, Worm Charm, Bovine Blitz, Whoopsie Cushion, Teleport Raygun, Aqua Pack and The Equiliser.

While we are on the new consoles, how about day to night lighting transitions and some crazy physics based contraptions.

The makers, Team 17, have managed to stuff in more than 200 individual customisation items for the worms, plus four improved Worm classes with including new special abilities. And those play maps are almost a third bigger than before.

It is a totally daft game, but one that is as addictive as it is amusing.