Big stars in games don’t always make it a sure-fire hit, but the makers could have done a lot worse than Willem Defoe and Ellen Page This is Beyond: Two Souls. And it is a soul-searching epic story of a little girl, who is, erm, different.

Massive graphics, huge story, and enough to make you genuinely wonder how they get it all on a disc.

Jodie knows Aiden. And that is sometimes and good things and sometimes not.

We take a look at a good chunk of the young girl’s mixed up crazy life in a splintered timeline that would make Tarantino’s head spin.

Nathan Dawkins is a scientist. Does he have the answers?

You may feel a little ‘lead by the hand’ with this game, but it is an engrossing story that the game is kind enough to let you in to.

You may not like the fact it is not completely open, but then this is not like a GTA exercise in roaming pointlessly. Government experiments AND ghosts? Maybe, maybe not.

The makers want to keep you hooked. They want you to move at their pace, and take in every second of their hard work making this mystical saga of supernatural and battling quirkiness.