So, we all know Sim City is a game about building a city, but amazingly, so is City Builder – and it’s different enough to make it a vital purchase for your Sim collection.

This great title takes the genre its developers know so well, and turn out a fine game. The company is know for its sim titles, and has plenty of experience now This is somewhat different than Sim City. You get to control a building company that needs to get out there and build some cities. Sounds like a way out of a recession.

You take on staff, the right staff mind, get some vehicles in the fleet and then start building, erm, cities.

As always, you start slow, learn the curve and gradually build up your management and building skills to make you, hopefully, the world’s finest builders of cities.

As you might expect, everything needs to be found some space, and that’s the hardest thing with these games. If you are just starting out, you may soon find yourself with space at a premium. Demolition is expensive and your residents won’t like it much, but sometimes you need to dish the pain to ensure you have enough room for that stadium.

While laying everything out, you of course will still to keep an eye on revenue streams and maybe figure out some new ideas to keep the money flowing in. You own a construction company here, remember. You are not just playing God.

Build, sell, move on. It’s the capitalist way.