This is taking the gaming world by surprisingly storm. Taking to the wheel of a lorry and delivering stuff.

On the face of it, not much to it really. But honestly, this is brilliant and is getting praise from all quarters.

Europe. In a lorry. Like a simulation. And this is the sequel. All a bit obvious from the title, and it does exactly what it says on the box.

There are dozens of cities to take your precious cargo to – 60 in fact. And not too precious cargoes too. Lots of lorries too, okay, trucks.

Best thing about it – it’s your company and you have to run it even while making long journeys to the four corners of Europe. It’s all about profit, remember.

The chance to tart your trucks up with some nice cosmetic and performance upgrades makes it even more appealing.

Sadly, you don’t even get a van to start – and begin by hauling for others, but this being a capitalist sim, it’s not long before you set up your rival company and take to the open road and balance sheet.

Well worth getting in to. Not sure if you get the chance to head up a convoy, but at least you can sing the song. No Frog included either. Bonus point if you young’uns know what I am talking about. Otherwise, ask your dad.