I just love this game. Loved the first one, couldn’t get in to the second one, and now the third I finished in 28 hours.

Now, you could do it quicker, and you could do it slower. But this is a game set on two large islands that positively encourages you to take a look around at your leisure while you contemplate getting back to the story about human trafficking and ancient mysticism. None of which you really need to know, apart from you are on an old island with old tribes, while armed with modern weapons to find your kidnapped friends.

Now to the juicy bits. Two parts of this game I just adored. Take down outposts held by the bad guys, and carrying out hit missions.

Blunder in to a camp, and they raise the alarm and reinforcements keep turning up making life a nightmare. Sneak in and disable the alarm, and you can take all day about the rest of the attack.

This is a game that tries a little to hard to be everything to all people. Taking over radio towers to open up the map so you can actually plot a journey becomes more and more Tomb Raider. There is some jumping and climbing and it’s all a bit tedious. But the rewards are huge. And there are some trippy moments during semi-playable cut scenes, which are ok, but give me more outposts to take down.

Run, jump, swim, fly hang-gliders, drive lots of vehicles and boats. Great, great, great stuff. And those islands are open. Like totally. Go wherever you like whenever you like, and do what you like. Sit and play poker in a shack all day if you want.

Hunt animals, and learn crafts for medicines and weapon packs. They are a little annoying at first too, but like I said, this is a big effort to include everything. And it works so well as an overall package. I yelled at the screen a few times.

Look out for Buck – best character in the game. I loved his sarcasm. And the flora and fauna is to die for.

If you shooters with open worlds, and tough missions, Far Cry 3 is the best there is at the moment. Until Far Cry 4 I suspect.