Well, yet another CoD game is here. And there is just one thing wrong with it, and that is not even new. It is designed for consoles.

Now, there is nothing really wrong with that, but for PC purists, it’s a little annoying. We love our CoD – it was originally designed for us, and we don’t like to lose things.

It means there is a lot more hand-holding. On single player, there is a super-complex story about some guys tracking down a bad guy, and the relationships betweens fathers, sons, mates and enemies. And there are lots of cut scenes. Very good scenes they are too, but a lot of them. You can find yourself twiddling thumbs waiting for another slice of the over-complex story to be spelled out before you get back in to the thick of it.

Good game, astonishing detail, and slickly done. You even get to ride a horse, which is a bit like sprinting a bit faster with nodding head of a horse in front of you. But it’s fine. Swing on cliffs; fall with style using winged suits; and destroy lots of stuff.

BUT, it’s the multiplayer that lets this game live or die. And it will live. It’s great – fast, but again just a little complex with all the options you get thrown at you. Stick at it, and it’s very rewarding. Best I have done so far is a couple of seconds. There is a tough bunch out there.

Sure a few more maps will eventually arrive, but until then you will be rewarded with a game of great detail, immense complexity, and thoroughly rewarding. But just lose all those cuts scenes next time, guys.

Oh, and the zombies are back.